Education, Education, Education

I’ve blogged before about schools and how we teach young people, and recently I came across this fantastic blog post by Alberto Cottica.

I love this bit:

As for socializing children, school does an excellent job: it teaches them not to raise their voice, to arrive on time and so on. However, in this area too school encodes a model of a nineteenth century hierarchical society: its values are obedience, predictability, conformity.

Co-incidentally I discovered this RSA Animated video separately and I’m such a fan that I’m embedding it here as well. Aside from being a great talk that is beautifully articulated verbally, the animation just makes it even better.  As someone who thinks best in pictures this really helped me get more out of the talk.  If only school had used tricks like that too…


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One Response to “Education, Education, Education”

  1. striker300southpaw Says:

    That was a great video! I recently read an article in Wired magazine that relates to what you said about this video getting its idea out through visual illustrations. The article was about how people learn things better through pictures, videos, etc. and that schools should break more away from reading text as the dominant way to learn. In today’s society we have all of this technology with video and animation. We should use it more.

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