…and now for something completely different


Apparently I didn’t ‘stumble across’ the site, I was sent the link by a long-suffering friend, who I totally failed to acknowledge.  Sorry.


Ellen Degeneres - my actual style icon

This site is brilliant.  It’s all about women who wear men’s clothes. Really fancy men’s clothes.  Since at least 50% of my wardrobe comes from the gents’ department I was elated to stumble across it (FYI if you’ve never met me the other 50% is shirts from Thomas Pink).

It’s a bit USA focused but through Twitter serendipity I’ve ended up contributing a list of UK places that are good for fancy men’s clothes that women can wear.  You can see the post here.

If you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear them here or over on DapperQ.

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One Response to “…and now for something completely different”

  1. Susan Herr Says:

    Thanks so much, not only for the compliment but for the list! More please!

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